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Charter your power yacht or catamaran now and sail across the Ionian islands!
Hire a Bali 40 catamaran & sail across the Ionian islands

Bali 40 (Sofia)

Cabins : 6 (4+2)

People: 10

WC/Shower : 4

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Bali 4.2 (Persona Grata)

Cabins : 4+2

People: 10

WC/Shower : 4+2

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Hire the Bavaria Cruiser 46 "Queen Dina" yacht across the Ionion..

Bavaria Cruiser 46 (Queen Dina)

Cabins : 4

People: 8

WC/Shower : 3

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Charter the Dolce Vita yacht from Minas Yachting in Corfu

Bavaria Cruiser 46 (Dolce Vita)

Cabins : 4

People: 8

WC/Shower : 3

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Before you charter a boat, make sure your navigation licenses or permits are valid in your navigation region by checking with Minas Yachting. The only countries that do not require a license to rent a sailboat or catamaran are France and Ireland. The base manager will want a nautical CV detailing your experience. All boats with a motor power greater than 6 horsepower, however, must have a valid license. 

If you require the services of a skipper, please notify Minas Yachting as soon as possible. All of the skippers we provide have been certified and have the required professional license. In general, they are fluent in English. If you have any particular requests for the skipper, please let us know as soon as possible.

While you remain in command on board, the skipper is in charge of navigation and safety. Feel free to join him in the maneuvers; he’ll be glad to teach you the basics of navigating.

The skipper sleeps on board, either in a separate cabin or in the common area, depending on the sleeping arrangements (saloon). Obviously, he, just like rest of your staff, must be included in your meals.

Please note that the skipper is not responsible for cooking or dishwashing. A hostess (or a cook) can make meals, clean the saloon area, and your cabins upon request, and generally keep the boat neat.

Following your reservation, the base manager will contact you to schedule your cruise. Remember to let us know when you’ll be arriving. To get to the boat, you may use a taxi or a minivan that is generally hired by the base (payment on site).

In terms of provisioning, keep in mind that certain supermarkets provide on-board delivery. Some rental businesses may also provide you a comprehensive provisioning list so that you may have your food and supplies delivered to your boat when you arrive. You can consult our base manager for further information.

The majority of sailboat and catamaran rentals in the Mediterranean are always from Saturday to Saturday, for one reason: scheduling efficiency.

Saturday afternoon is generally reserved for check-in. The base manager will frequently request that you return to the port on Friday night the next week in order to exit on Saturday morning. The technical and cleaning teams will then have to get the boat ready for the next round of clients. The weekly charter/rental is cut in half to allow time for the base to intervene between charters/rentals.


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