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Hereby you could find Frequently Asked Questions about Charter a Yacht or a Catamaran in Corfu!

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Boukari is a great first stop on your holiday, located just north of Corfu Town. It was once a fishing community, as evidenced by the numerous authentic eateries providing traditional Greek cuisine. Boukari is surrounded by lush greenery, and Boukari Beach is a wonderful spot for a swim. The bay is also protected from north-westerly winds, making it an excellent anchoring spot.


Sivota is a lovely beach village located just east of Corfu's southernmost point. Although the waterfront has been renovated with modern amenities, it retains its historic charm. The Sivtoa Islands, located just outside of town, are popular mooring spots because to the pleasant ambience they provide. The water park in Monastery Bay is especially suggested if you are traveling with children.

Paxos & Antipaxos

Paxos and Antipaxos are two Mediterranean beauties located just south of Corfu. The islands are popular to sailors wanting a more peaceful and remote location because they are sparsely populated and rich in natural life.You'll find excellent walking trails on Antipaxos that take you past vineyards and olive groves, where you might see flocks of sheep basking in the sun. Paxos' Lakka Bay is suitable for anchoring because it is surrounded by gorgeous beaches.


Petriti, a tranquil fishing village on Corfu's eastern coast, is one of the island's few destinations with a sandy beach. The village's beach's shallow, quiet waters are ideal for snorkeling, kayaking, and stand up paddleboarding. When it comes to cuisine, a visit to one of the coastal tavernas is recommended, where you may order fresh seafood direct from the sea.

Mandraki Port

Mandraki Port is nestled between a historic Venetian fort and the sea! Cross a huge bridge across the fort's moat to enter and exit the harbour. At one of the numerous nearby beaches, you can sunbathe and swim during the day. Alternatively, visit Corfu town, which is located next door.

Corfu has a wide range of activities and attractions. Diving is a popular activity on the island due to the abundance of magnificent coral reefs and cool shipwrecks on the bottom. On the north side of the island, diving is very popular.
Hiking is popular in the less populous areas of the island to take in the lovely surroundings. Many hiking paths lead to Venetian palaces, mountain towns, olive fields, and secret beaches around the island.
The Old Fort, the New Fort, the Liston Promenade, and the Church of Saint Spyridon, the island's patron saint, are among the many Middle Ages structures in Corfu Town. The Canonical Quarter, just outside of Corfu Town, provides a fantastic view of Musa Island and the Panagia Vlacherna Chapel.

In Corfu, you can rent a sailingboat for 600€ per day or a catamaran for 800€ per day on average. You can find our charter price list here.

You don't have the proper license for the boat you want to hire, or you don't want to sail on your own? This is not an issue with Minas Yachting because many of our boats may be leased with an experienced captain!
He or she will take care of all aspects of boat maneuvering, allowing you to completely rest. Skippers have frequently spent a lot of time in the region and so have a good knowledge of the finest places to visit.

The traditional cuisine of Corfu has delights that will appeal to both the common tourist and the discriminating foodie. The island was inhabited by Western countries for many years, which is reflected in its food, which is heavily influenced by other countries.

When you hire a boat, whether skippered or self-driven, you must pay for the fuel used (which is not expensive). The cost of fuel is sometimes included in the price of our Day Trips services.

Before every voyage, we double-check the fuel tank to make sure it's full. This merely indicates that there is no risk of running out of fuel.

They definitely are. It's a prerequisite for acquiring a boat rental license.

We make certain that our boats are in excellent operating order at all times. Damages that may occur must be assessed, and you will only be required to pay if you are to blame for the situation. However, this is a rare occurrence, and if you follow our recommendations, you will not be in this scenario.

No, you should not worry at all. Assistance and communication are always accessible. Each boat is equipped with a very dependable tracking system, and we can also supply you with a cell phone if necessary. We can determine your specific location at any time and assist you through phone or, if required, by immediately coming to help you.

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